Week9 Design sketch

I separated the data to three parts and I changed the title of the website from Photos could save smokers’s lives to Could photos save smokers’ lives because the effectiveness of graphic warnings remains unclear and the main purpose of my design is to raise a question thinking about the huge impact of such photos on […]

Week 7-8 Concept 3

After narrowing my topic to solutions for smoking, I searched for more information online and found some scary graphic cigarette packages, which I thought were powerful to reduce smoking. This caught my interest and I started to dig in. and studies have showed the effectiveness but there is actually no direct evidence in the real […]

Week4-Week6 Concept2

After abandoning my first concept, I narrowed down my topic to health and finally chose to focus on the harm of cigarettes because smoking is a main threat to people’s health.I found a lot of facts showing the harm of smoking and passive smoking as following: Health consequences Secondhand smoke I also found a graph showing […]

Week1-Week3 Concept1

This was the start of this new project.We were told to write a brief for ourselves and we needed to use physical objects to control digital interface, which seemed like a bit challenging because we had not done such things before. There were a few options to choose as following: I was quite interested in global well-being […]