Make a breakfast with eyes closed

This morning I tried to make some cereal with milk with eyes closed.At the beginning,I had to find a medium bowl from the shelf among a big bowl and some cups.It was easy to find the right one because of its distinguishing shape.Then I placed this fragile porcelain bowl carefully on the table.It was a little difficult to make sure if it  is the appropriate amount of milk  and so I put one of my finger into the bowl while pouring the milk to feel the amount,which task normally I can use eyesight to complete.The last thing to do is to put the cereal into the bowl.I touched the package of the cereal and found the sealing clip and opened it.I grab a hand of cereal and put it into the milk.It was quite funny that after finishing all these things,I found my spoon was in the wrong side when I was able to taste the cereal.

It was a slightly tough task but still interesting to feel what life would be without eyes.Other senses will help people deal with things if one loses his  eyesight,such as hearing,touching and smelling.It is not surprising that generally blind people’s hearing is better than normal ones’(Hopkin,2004). Using other senses in design sometimes can produce some interesting and effective results.I once saw an alarm clock combined with coffee machine(Joshua Renouf,nd).Instead of being annoyed by the loud buzzing of the alarm clock,one will wake up smelling the fragrance of coffee.I found it excellent because the designer views the problem of waking people up in a unique perspective and really know how to apply natural human senses into design properly.


Picture:Barisieur designed by Joshua Renouf
Hopkin, M. (2004) Tone task proves blind hear better. Available at: (Accessed: 25 January 2017).
joshrenoufdesign (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 25 January 2017).
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