We had a exhibition visit for the CTS of this week.I chose to visit an exhibition about sneakers among three options that Ian provided to us because I am kind of interested in some beautiful sneakers and the stories behind them.

The exhibition is called THE GREATEST SNEAKERS OF ALL TIME,which is ‘ in search and celebration of the 25 greatest sneakers of all time’(info @cultbrand, 2017).

The exhibition is located on the side of a quiet river,where some boats with interesting signs park, and there are some artistic graffiti around as well.I found this atmosphere quite magical and relaxing.


Artistic graffiti


A boat with the sign’THE HOBBIT’

My eyes were caught by the big title in capital letters ‘GREATEST SNEAKERS OF ALL TIME’on the wall and plenty of sneaker boxes piled below it.It seemed like a worthwhile visit.


Big title and sneaker boxes

Near the entrance,there were two posters hanging on the wall and the introduction gave a glimpse of the long history of sneakers to visitors,which could arouse visitors’ interest.


Two posters on the wall

On the right side of the exhibition,there was an installation showing twenty five iconic and famous sneakers,including Adidas Stan Smith and Nike Air Max and so on,which are all designed several decades ago but still up to date today.Due to the very small size of font ,I had no patience to read all of their details and found it really tax my eyes.


The installation of 25 top sneakers


Details board

On the left side,there were hundreds poster arranged according to the time sequence showing the history and stories behind sneakers.Most of them are well designed with excellent historic pictures and old advertising posters.

Part of the poster wall

To be honest,this exhibition didn’t surprise me a lot for the lack of visual attraction and interaction.

info @cultbrand, T.A. · (2017) Exhibition: The greatest sneakers of all time – the archivist’s gallery. Available at: http://www.theproudarchivist.co.uk/greatest-sneakers-of-all-time (Accessed: 8 February 2017).
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