Week 1 – Research on Facebook

I did my research on the Facebook account of a big influencer Gordon Buay and I looked through his photos and came across something really interesting.


I also asked Stephen for more information about Gordon Buay and tried to understand the context better.


About Gordan Buay (according to Stephen)

Gordon Buay is a Canadian citizen, works at a high level in the South Sudan embassy in Washington . He has ‘high level’ influence (which also undermines anything that could possibly be positive about the S.Sudan government). He has an influence on diaspora groups, who feel justified to push ethnic hatred – and that contributes to fear, terror and ult imately stokes the conflict.

I found two pictures that were obviously artificial but most of his followers were not aware of these and so I was curious about the original pictures and why most people thought these are real and some connections behind them.

I searched the original picture by Google Image and I found them easily.


Picture1 Fake Jet


Original Picture SU-30MK2 UGANDA AIR FORCE


Picture 2 Fake Hotel


Original Picture doubletree-by-hilton-hotel-new-york-city-chelsea

In the first post,Gordon Buay claimed that sovereignty of South Sudan can not be taken away by other countries and most people agreed with him but the few mentioned #UNtrusteeship,asserting that the UN can help South Sudan achieve peace.

In the second post,Gordon Buay said ‘I want to thank Madam Angelina for her courage to accept a meeting with me in the name of reconciliation and healing among the people of South Sudan. ‘

Of course,few people pointed out that these two pictures are fake and there were some words like’Lie’,’stollen’,’jackass’,’photoshoped’ etc.

I browsed all comments and shares and tried to find something useful in some accounts of sharers and commentators,but I found it endless and there was too much information,some of which are beyond my understanding.Also,I could not see the impact of these fake pictures and some connections of people.I am  really stuck.


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