Week 4-Concept development

I shared my initial concept,my sketchbook and digital version with John.He thought I was in the right way but there were a lot that should be improved.


1.Get rid of the map which is not useful but confusing.


John quite like this page without the map.


2.Those icons are confusing for they don’t communicate the meanings clearly.I should replace them with a better way.

3.There are several groups but I just use one kind of line to different them.I should make the differences of groups clearly.

4.I should present more useful information,such as group names,the number of groups members and so far.

John’s tutorial was really inspiring and helpful.I realized that the significance of ‘Less is more’ and I needed to understand the massive data and visualize them in a clear and easily understandable way without presenting some useless information,which is the core of information design.


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