Week 5 – Concept development

I did the rough sketch of a website I wanted to build.

And I developed the interface via Illustrator.


Initial workqq%e6%88%aa%e5%9b%be20170211141711is-it-a-lie-01_%e9%a1%b5%e9%9d%a2_3is-it-a-lie-01_%e9%a1%b5%e9%9d%a2_4is-it-a-lie-01_%e9%a1%b5%e9%9d%a2_5

I shared my initial work with Stephen on Skype and he pointed out I could not find the real thoughts of people because people are very complicated.They may say something like ‘well done’ and ‘good job’just because they are supporters of Gordon Buay without even looking the picture.They may know that it is a fake picture but still pretend that they believe.

John also again told me that I should present information clearing without using confusing dots and colors.

Both suggestions are really valuable and I will focus on the reach of this post and group connections of people who share it.


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