Week 6-Concept Development

I searched some examples of data visualization online to find a better way to present information.


Reference 1



Reference 2



Reference 3

Then I did a rough sketch.I thought it was interesting if the circle will appear one by one according to the time sequence of sharing and the circles are like radars spreading all the time.


I developed this concept via Illustrator.

group-connectionsudan-southsudanunited-statesDuring the tutorial with John,he thought this was great but still had some problems.

1.The background is too dark I could just use white.

2.The font sizes should be different.

3.Using radar is not meaningful but redundant.

4.The way of presenting group connection is not good but still confusing.

John also told me a great idea.Instead of using the form of radar,I could use circles of different colors to present different groups.

That’s a great idea and I sketched roughly as following.I also added a filter to chose groups.


I found two website really inspiring for my design as follwing.


website 1


website 2

In the following week,I plan to make an introduction animation showing how this post was shared over the world by time and sort the groups by the number of members .


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