WEEK 7 -Development

This week I used excel to collect more data about sharers,including time of sharing and number of friends on Facebbok.There are 42 public shares,including 3 in unknown address( not showing addresses on their Facebook profiles).


I also calculated the number of sharers’ friends who are possible to see this post.Each user post on Facebook is seen by an average 35% of the user’s friends, according to a comprehensive recent study led by Stanford University researcher Michael Bernstein, who collaborated with three Facebook data scientists.(info @cultbrand, 2017)  I used this percentage to calculate the number of friends who may see this post and the sum of them.The total number is quite big-16,290.

I kept on applying  group filters into my design.


In the beginning,I used different colors to represent different groups and added a set of group filter at the top of the page.I also used different sizes of circles to show different numbers of Facebook friends of shares.

At the bottom of the page,I added a time slider.Two number above the slider will increase and circles will appear one by one according to the time sequence of sharing.

The design looked like not bad but there were several problems:

1.Using size to present number of friends is not that easy and not direct visually if the number of friends of two sharers are very close.

2.Circles are not easy to be connected together and if many sharers are living in the same place,these circles will look messy.


I changed grey circles which represent sharers who are not in listed influencing  groups to rounded rectangles.It was still not helpful.


I change the shape to triangle and it looked much better.I got rid of the different sizes as well and used mouse hovering to show more information of  sharers.

There are still some problems:

1.The title of this page ‘GROUP CONNECTIONS OF SHARERS’ is confusing because I didn’t point out what these groups are.And the font size of the title is not appropriate,which is even smaller than the numbers at the bottom.

2.Triangle has the  meaning of direction and this may be confusing for visitors.

3.The Facebook group connections seem like very weak and it is unnecessary to use group filters.

In conclusion,I need to think of the focus of my data for group connections seems like not so strong and always remember to focus on details.Also,I should  try to tell a story to visitors of my design.

I found some references helpful for my design as following.

1.GoJS Data Visualization




3.Drag Slider






Smith, C. (2013) How many of your friends see your Facebook posts? The debate’s over, it’s 35%. Available at: http://www.businessinsider.com/35-percent-of-friends-see-your-facebook-posts-2013-8?IR=T (Accessed: 2 March 2017).


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