Design Thinking

As the modern world are becoming more and more complicated and people’s needs are changing rapidly,designers are supposed to be creative problem solvers,rather than  to only make something beautiful.Design thinking is a powerful tool to help designers tackle unknown situations and result in creative solutions.

The core of designing thinking is focusing on end users,who are the real users for certain products and services.Through understanding real users,exploring possible problems,narrowing design focus,developing concept,prototyping and evaluating,designers will create great solutions to satisfy users’ needs.

The British Design Council came up with a model of design process called  Double Diamond model,which divides design process to four phases—discover,define,develop and deliver(i Stock, no date) .


Double Diamond model

We discussed how to solve the problem of being late for class during the seminar and I will use this simple example to illustrate four phases of this model.


Discover—Designers in the first step need to find some problems or something new,and gain insights.Some research methods, such as talking with people,observing and reading documents,are essential to discover problems and gain insights,which point to design opportunities.I talked to a group member who is always late for class and find four reasons,including lack of motivation,laziness,lacking of  consequences for being late and sometimes stucking in traffic.

Define—In this phase,designers try to make sense of problems and insights identified in discover phase and narrow the design focus.I found the main problem  of being late is the lack of consequences.

Develop—Designers need to use some design tools like mind storming to come up with possible solutions to main problems and get rid of some bad ideas through the process of sketching,prototyping and testing.We chose effecting scores as the final solution among several ideas.

Delivery –In this stage,  the resulting project is finalised, produced and launched.We came up with a check in system.If one is late for more than five times,he will get a D- as a result.

i Stock (no date) The design process: What is the double diamond? Available at: (Accessed: 2 March 2017).
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