Week1-Week3 Concept1

This was the start of this new project.We were told to write a brief for ourselves and we needed to use physical objects to control digital interface, which seemed like a bit challenging because we had not done such things before. There were a few options to choose as following:


I was quite interested in global well-being and started to collect data online. I found a data set of a online survey on happiness conducted by an American organization called Happiness Alliance. In this survey(full text for the survey), respondents are asked to answer a series of questions to evaluate their satisfaction with their lives in many aspects, including health, time balance and so on. At the end, the system will generate scores for  respondents as following:score

I thought this survey is quite valuable for it focus on examining sectors that span social,
environmental and governance quality, not just economic status. It is important to increase understanding and appreciation of the factors that lead to life satisfaction, resilience and sustainability.

This organization provide some quantitative data sets showing the number of respondents who answer the certain questions or choose certain options.



I also found some data showing the change of respondents’ average results by year as following:

微信截图_20170527085832 Obviously, there were a lot to do so I tried to think of the way to visualize this data.

I found two really great examples which visualize data of global well being in a very beautiful way





I used Tableau, a data visualization tool, to generate a part of the data, which shows the number of respondents who answer the certain questions or choose certain options.


I was also inspired by those two examples and thought it was a good way to show my data. I visualized respondents’ average results by year using the similar way as following.


I also connected these two data set together.Some information would be shown when an element was chosen.


However, such visualizations are as similar as the examples and I could not come up with another better way to present the data. Also, showing such data was not very meaningful because there were too many elements and I did not go deeper. I decided to narrow down the topic and focus on just one element.


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