Week4-Week6 Concept2

After abandoning my first concept, I narrowed down my topic to health and finally chose to focus on the harm of cigarettes because smoking is a main threat to people’s health.I found a lot of facts showing the harm of smoking and passive smoking as following:


Health consequences


Secondhand smoke

I also found a graph showing the lifespan cost of smoking as following. The scary fact really caught my attention that one cigarette could cost a chronic smoker 13.8 minutes of his or her life. I thought such fact would be powerful and I could create a calculator to show smokers’ life expectancy relying on these data.



I was inspired by a quite cool website which simulates a robot to predict users’ future relying on big data. I could create an installation simulating a robot to predict users’ life expectancy based on the data as well.


Here are my sketch of this idea. I used a mirror ,a mirror and a few buttons for my installation. Information would be projected on viewers’ clothes and they would see such information through the mirror. In addition, information would vary between smokers and non-smokers. I also used a lung which could become darker and darker to visualize the harm of smoking on health.



Based on the sketch, I create a digital demo as following.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the tutorial with John, he told me that everyone knows the harm of smoking and it would be more valuable to think about why people start to smoke and possible solutions to reduce smoking. Also, I should be careful about predicting life expectancy and the data that one cigarette could cost a chronic smoker 13.8 minutes of his or her life was not reliable for the lack of evidence.It was almost impossible to predict life expectancy so my design might be incredible. Therefore, I thought about going deeply into the causes and solutions of smoking.


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