Week12 Making physical controller and improvement

Making physical controller

During this week, I tried to make the physical controller for the digital interface using Arduino and the process was far more complicated than I was expected.                                                                                                                                                                                                      15-moving


I used one button to type “hello” on the screen to learn some basic knowledge about Arduino.

QQ截图20170528231350main  code

QQ截图20170528231540using CMD to connect with the computer


Under the big help of our technician Adam, I was able to use three buttons to control the navigation.

In terms of direction buttons, I had to line up these four buttons because the bread board was not big enough. Unfortunately, I could not use direction buttons to control my interface as I designed although I tried hard.

微信图片_20170528224017Only three buttons worked

Final work

Launched website: Could photos save smokers’ lives



I did not add the link to go back to homepage because it is not necessary if I use buttons to control the website, I will add the link later for normal usage.

You might need to adjust your screen resolution for the homepage because its max-width is 1000px.

Suggestions from the crit

During the crit on Friday, my classmates and tutor gave me some good suggestions to improve my design:

1.The typography of the debate page should be improved, including aligning the text properly.


2.Too many page transitions on the website and I should simplify it. For example, the debate page could use another way instead of going to inner pages.


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