Week9 Design sketch

I separated the data to three parts and I changed the title of the website from Photos could save smokers’s lives to Could photos save smokers’ lives because the effectiveness of graphic warnings remains unclear and the main purpose of my design is to raise a question thinking about the huge impact of such photos on the society.


At the first part, I used some charts and information from some reliable sources to show audiences the context of my design.There are two main parts : What is graphic warning labels and What is plain package.

微信图片_20170528093854 At the debate page, I separated people’s opinions towards graphic warnings to two side: Graphic warnings are effective because they are scary and There is no direct evidence showing the effectiveness. Inside both sides, there are some information selected from some studies, articles and report.

The third part is a gallery of pictures of graphic package from  the world leaders in terms of warning size as an average of the package front and back. Only those countries exceeding 60% on average are showed here.

In the next step, I considered how to use physical objects to control the digital interface. I used three buttons to control the navigation and four direction buttons to control the rest of the website.


Next week I am going to find some references to develop my design and create digital interfaces.


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