Week 10-Realizing

This is the final step of this project—realizing my design by coding,which is a tough task for me because I have weak base of coding.Thanks to Adam and Olive,I finally made it. This is the longest code I have ever written Live show(resolution:1980*1080) Each page: Page 1:There is still a little bug of the controller […]

Week 9 – Development of the main page

This week I focused on the main page of how this post was shared. I realized that it is the influencers who have a large number of friends matter and so I used four different colors to different shares with  the  different number of friends(more than 3000 friends,2000 to 3000 friends,1000 to 2000 friends and […]

Design Thinking

As the modern world are becoming more and more complicated and people’s needs are changing rapidly,designers are supposed to be creative problem solvers,rather than  to only make something beautiful.Design thinking is a powerful tool to help designers tackle unknown situations and result in creative solutions. The core of designing thinking is focusing on end users,who are […]


This week I kept on developing my design.I focused on story telling and tried to show data and knowledge I have got to audiences more clearly and understandably. In terms of color palette,I used black and grey as main colors,which are serious and calm. In the first page,I used a controller to compare the fake […]

WEEK 7 -Development

This week I used excel to collect more data about sharers,including time of sharing and number of friends on Facebbok.There are 42 public shares,including 3 in unknown address( not showing addresses on their Facebook profiles). I also calculated the number of sharers’ friends who are possible to see this post.Each user post on Facebook is […]

Week 6-Concept Development

I searched some examples of data visualization online to find a better way to present information. Reference 1 Reference 2 Reference 3 Then I did a rough sketch.I thought it was interesting if the circle will appear one by one according to the time sequence of sharing and the circles are like radars spreading all […]

Week 5 – Concept development

I did the rough sketch of a website I wanted to build. And I developed the interface via Illustrator. Initial work I shared my initial work with Stephen on Skype and he pointed out I could not find the real thoughts of people because people are very complicated.They may say something like ‘well done’ and […]